New Database Provides Information for Statistics Courses

New Database Provides Information for Statistics Courses

Boston College faculty and students seeking information on University statistics courses can find it right at their fingertips through the Graduate Statistical Assistant Program's new on-line database.

The recently launched World Wide Web site [] contains details of all course offerings in statistics, methodology, qualitative analysis and measurement. Users can view course descriptions, schedules, staffing and links to Web-accessible resources for statistics-related courses offered throughout the University. The site will assist students who are seeking a course covering specific concepts, as well as faculty members who are seeking colleagues with expertise in a particular area.

A comprehensive FAQ for statistical instruction, packages and database access also are available through the site.

Assoc. Prof. Christopher Baum (Economics), moderator of the GSA program, said the project will have a number of positive results. "Not only are we able to offer graduate students familiarization with the tools, techniques and methodologies of statistical research, which is valuable on-the-job training," he said, "but we are also able to offer our faculty a resource to do a better job of teaching, doing research, applying for research grants and then carrying out those research grants."

The Graduate Statistical Assistant Program was established last September as a part of the Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center.

-Reid Oslin


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