CSOM Ethics Colloquium Will Feature Talk by Trustee Clough

CSOM Ethics Colloquium Will Feature Talk by Trustee Clough

Boston College Trustees Chairman Charles I. Clough Jr. will be the keynote speaker at the Carroll School of Management's annual James A. Waters Ethics Colloquium on March 28 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Honors Commons on the second floor of Fulton Hall.

Clough, founder of the Boston investment firm Clough Capital Partners LP and former chief investment strategist for Merrill Lynch and Co., will speak on the necessity of including ethics in the business curriculum of a Jesuit business school.

Joining Clough will be Cleary Professor of Finance Edward J. Kane, Joseph W. Ford, an MBA candidate in the Carroll Graduate School of Management, and CSOM Honors Program student Carrie A. Levitt, '01. Assoc. Prof. John W. Lewis (CSOM) will be moderator of the discussion and audience participation segment.

"Ethics continues to be a hot topic in the business world," Lewis said. "We have tried to build an ethics component into our core courses in the Carroll School over the years and now every core course has ethics incorporated in it."

-Reid Oslin


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