Law School Library Receives Donation from Coquillette

Law School Library Receives Donation from Coquillette

Rare volumes include a pocket-sized copy of the Magna Carta

Monan Professor of Law and former Law School Dean Daniel R. Coquillette recently donated a number of important and rare law books to the Law Library, including a rare pocket-sized copy of the Magna Carta from 1529.

Monan Professor of Higher Education Daniel R. Coquillette. (Photo by Gary Gilbert) (Photo by Gary Gilbert)
The 14 titles represent a portion of a typical working lawyer's library in the 15th and 16th centuries.

"There is nothing more nicely suited to the business of teaching law than these beautiful volumes," said Law School Dean John H. Garvey. "We're thankful that Dan Coquillette continues to find ways of improving the student and faculty experience, both through his teaching and his remarkable generosity."

Added Associate Dean for Library and Computing Services Sharon O'Connor, "Dan Coquillette's generous donation to the Law Library assists us in building the type of historical legal collection that will truly benefit the faculty and students of Boston College Law School. These materials enrich the resources available for research and teaching and are treasures to be shared with faculty and students for years to come."

Besides the pocket-sized copy of the Magna Carta - the 13th-century document renowned for its eloquent defense of the rule of law - the collection also features a two-volume set of Justinian's Institutes, published in 1507. Originally compiled in the early sixth century, the Institutes represent the Emperor Justinian's attempt to codify Roman law and arrange it in a logical and accessible fashion.

Among other significant works in the collection are Henri de Bracton's de Legibus, St. Germain's Doctor and Student, Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium and Abridgement and compilations of English statutes.

The books will be on display in the Law Library's Daniel R. Coquillette Rare Book Room later this year.

-Law School Communications Manager Nathaniel Kenyon


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