Pope Appoints 1973 Grad to Episcopacy

Pope Appoints 1973 Grad to Episcopacy

By Stephen Gawlik
Staff Writer

Msgr. Timothy Broglio, a 1973 Boston College graduate who became a Catholic priest and then chief of staff to the Vatican secretary of state, has been named by Pope John Paul II as an archbishop and papal representative to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

The Cleveland native will be elevated to the episcopacy by the pope on March 19 in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

"He's been a very hard worker, he's very patient and, most importantly, he's a very good listener," said Fr. Peter Routhier, a priest from St. Monica's Parish in Barre, Vt., who has known Msgr. Broglio for nearly 30 years.

"He will surely be interested in the needs of the people," said Fr. Routhier.

Msgr. Timothy Broglio will become archbishop and papal representative to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico on March 19.

Archbishop-designate Broglio will serve as nuncio to the Dominican Republic, which has full diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and as apostolic delegate in Puerto Rico. According to Catholic News Service, 90 percent of Dominicans and more than 80 percent of Puerto Ricans are Catholic.

The archbishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is Roberto O. Gonzalez, OFM, a former Boston auxiliary bishop who holds master's and doctoral degrees from Jesuit-run Fordham University.

Msgr. Broglio, who earned a degree in classical studies from Boston College, completed his studies for the priesthood at the North American College, the seminary in Rome operated by the American bishops.

After his ordination in 1977, Msgr. Broglio returned to Cleveland and worked for two years as an associate pastor.

He later returned to Rome to study at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, the Vatican's school for diplomats. He earned a doctorate in canon law from Gregorian University and entered the diplomatic corps in 1983.

Fr. Routhier said one of the keys to Msgr. Broglio's success as a priest and diplomat is his mastery of languages.

"He was a student of the classics at BC and you've got to think that has helped him along the way," said Fr. Routhier, a classmate of Broglio's at the North American College.

Msgr. Broglio also served at Vatican embassies in Ivory Coast and Paraguay before being transferred to the Vatican Secretariat of State in 1992.  

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