BC Volunteers Will Travel Far and Wide During Spring Break

BC Volunteers Will Travel Far and Wide During Spring Break

Many members of the Boston College community will devote time to service during the University's spring break (March 5-9). A glance at some activities organized this year through the Office of Campus Ministry:

The Give-Me-A-Break program: Twenty-three students will head to seven different locations throughout the United States and Canada to work with the poor and sick under the auspices of the Congregation of Notre Dame, a Catholic community of women religious. Sites range from a parish in the Bronx to a Native American reservation in South Dakota.

Appalachia Volunteers: The group assists in the daily lives of, and provide hope and encouragement to, economically deprived peoples in the Appalachian region of the United States. More than 540 Boston College students will travel in vans to various sites in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Maine, performing tasks ranging from heavy construction to small jobs around town, with a high level of community involvement.

Nicaragua Immersion Program: Now in its seventh year, the program will bring students to a poor campesino community in the impoverished Central American country. Volunteers visit urban and rural areas to learn about residents' lives, and meet with community leaders as well as those involved in education, health care, labor and politics. Each night during the stay, groups will meet to share their impressions. Students also will spend time in prayer and reflection.

Ignacio Volunteers Jamaica Experience: Students travel to Kingston, Jamaica, where they serve at several different outreach ministries, including an orphanage, a home for the elderly, and a home for severely disabled children. They will also visit a museum dedicated to artists from the city's Trenchtown neighborhood who became voices of liberation for oppressed Jamaicans.

Boston Urban Immersion: Twenty-five students and a BC chaplain will live at Arrupe House, a Jesuit residence in Jamaica Plain. Each day, the group will participate in a variety of service projects, such as working in a food bank, visiting with residents in one of Boston's shelters and outreach to local elderly. Participants study issues such as racism, homelessness, and theological perspectives on urban life.

-Stephen Gawlik


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