The Boston College Chronicle

March 1, 2001 Vol. 9, No.12

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DECISION TIME-Students flocked to the polls last week and on Monday to vote for the new leaders of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College. Juniors Amanda E. Jack and Richard A. Moriarty were elected president and vice president, respectively, defeating the ticket of Jonathan Buck and Kyle Barron. (Photo by Bill McCormack)

Boisi Center Putting the Spotlight on School Choice

On Funding Faith-Based Social Initiatives

Experts say debate over Bush plan reflects deeper issues of faith

'There Is No Turning Back'

Appointment of layman at Georgetown spurs discussion at BC

An Act of Kindness for a Friend

New Home for Public Affairs and Chronicle
Simmons Administrator to Head BC's Career Center
Spring Alumni Events Set
Newton Aldermen Opt to Fight Ruling on Middle Campus
BC Volunteers Will Travel Far and Wide During Spring Break
University Makes Annual Tribute to Life, Legacy of King
BC Students Best Big East Foes in Stock Market Game
Exhibition in Burn's Irish Center Showcases Illustrated Sheet Music
Faculty Grant Winners for 2001 Announced
University Community Celebrates the Work of Gwendolyn Brooks
Report Shows Progress in Environmental Management
Monan Education Symposium Resumes Today

Photo: GYRO Colloquium

Photo: Stating the Case

Well-Prepared to Take On The World--She wasn't expecting to win the MLK award, but Tiffany Griffin feels ready for anything
More Welcome Additions to the BC Faculty


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