Faculty Grant Winners for 2001 Announced

Faculty Grant Winners for 2001 Announced

The University has announced the recipients of Research Incentive Grants and Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Grants for 2001.

Research Incentive Grants are awarded to faculty members who wish to conduct research beginning with the summer recess and continuing through the subsequent academic year, and who have sought external support for their work. The funds may be used for purposes such as salary, equipment, travel, supplies and computer time that directly contribute to the success of the proposal.

Faculty members receiving grants are:

College of Arts and Sciences: Lisa Feldman Barrett (Psychology); Martin Bridgeman (Mathematics); Mary Dunn (Biology); Katherine Gill (Theology); Qamar-Ul Huda(Theology); Clare O'Connor (Biology); Stephen Schloesser, SJ (History); Andrew Sofer (English); Min Hyoung Song (English); and Elizabeth Kowaleski-Wallace (English).

Carroll School of Management: John Gallaugher, Marta Geletkanycz and Pegaret Pichler.

Law School: Ruth-Arlene Howe.

Lynch School of Education: Lillie Albert, Audrey Friedman and Joan Lucariello.

School of Nursing: Joellen Hawkins and Joyce Pulcini.

The Teaching, Advising and Mentoring Grant Program funds projects that, among other criteria, contribute to the development of a faculty member as a teacher, advisor or mentor; meet a significant university or departmental need; assist a faculty member in transferring research gains to the classroom; or help in reviewing and evaluating a department's curricular or advising needs.

This year's grant individual and joint awardees are: Marilyn Matelski (Communication); Elizabeth Rhodes (Romance Languages); Law School faculty members David Wirth and Evangeline Sarda; Lynch School of Education faculty Jean Mooney and Penny Hauser-Cram; Graduate School of Social Work faculty member Thanh van Tran and librarian Betty Cohen.

Another grant was awarded to: Christopher Baum (Economics); David Broido (Physics); Jan Engelbrecht (Physics); John Fourkas (Chemistry); Krzysztof Kempa (Physics); G. Robert Meyerhoff (Mathematics); and Howard Straubing (CSOM).

-Sean Smith


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