Peace Corps Honors BC for Contributing Volunteers

Peace Corps Honors BC for Contributing Volunteers

The Peace Corps has cited Boston College as one of its top suppliers of volunteers among New England colleges and universities.

BC ranks third among the 75 New England institutions from which the agency recruits, according to the Peace Corps' New England regional office. Topping the list are the University of Massachusetts and Boston University, which have significantly larger student populations.

"On a per capita basis BC did much better than those schools who are higher on the list," said Brendan O'Brien, regional recruiting manager in the Peace Corps' Boston office.

"There is a great spirit of volunteerism in general among BC students and it's great to see," said O'Brien, who reported that there are 34 BC graduates serving in the Peace Corps throughout the world. More than 550 BC students have volunteered for the agency since its founding in 1961.
The Peace Corps formally honored BC and the other top five colleges and universities, which also included the universities of Vermont and New Hampshire.

"We're very proud of this accomplishment and know that it can continue," said interim Career Center Director Terry Witherell, who accepted the award.

Witherell pointed out that the Peace Corps faces considerable recruiting competition on campus, since BC students also flock to similar post-graduate opportunities offered by such organizations as the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and Americorps.

"It highlights the fact that the Career Center is committed to helping those students who are interested in a variety of pursuits after graduation, not just those who want to start working," she said.

-Stephen Gawlik  

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