More Welcome Additions to the University Faculty

More Welcome Additions to the University Faculty

Asst. Prof. Gregory Heim

Heim, who joined the Carroll School of Management's Operations and Strategic Management Department last fall, is teaching Management Information Systems and Advanced Topics: E-Service Operations this semester.

After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1989, Heim worked for three years as a senior economist for RCF Inc. in Chicago where, among other responsibilities, he developed econometric models to predict demand for the US Postal Service. He earned his doctorate at the University of Minnesota in 1999.

His areas of academic interest include service operations, quality management, operations strategy and the management of technology.

Asst. Prof. Raquel Jaakkola

A member of the Lynch School of Education Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology program faculty, Jaakkola pursues research in the areas of cognitive development, intuitive theories and conceptual change, science and math education, language acquisition and comparative cognition.

Jaakkola, who is teaching Psychology of Learning this semester, graduated from the University of Delaware and did her doctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For one of her current research projects, she is investigating learning abilities in bottlenose dolphins, and plans to apply those findings to a study of dolphins' signature whistles.

Jaakkola is also studying the development of young children's understanding of numbers and the development of children's intuitive scientific theories.

Asst. Prof. Carlo Rotella

Rotella comes to the English Department from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, where he taught for a year. He also was on the faculty at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

Rotella earned his doctorate at Yale University in 1994, and his scholarly interests include American literature and 20th-century culture, American Studies, film, urban cultures and creative nonfiction writing.

A member of the American Studies Program faculty, Rotella is teaching The City in American Literature and Culture and Literature and Culture of the 1950s. The Wesleyan University graduate also taught the American Studies' senior seminar on post-1970 American culture last fall.

Rotella has written extensively on the sport of boxing and his articles have appeared in the Washington Post Magazine and American Scholar.

Asst. Prof. Moira Walsh

Prior to joining the Philosophy Department, Walsh served as a research associate for a year in the Boston University School of Education Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character.

A graduate of Brown University, Walsh earned her doctorate from the University of Notre Dame in 1998.

Her scholarly interests include the philosophy of freedom and ethics, with a particular interest in medical ethics.

Walsh is teaching Philosophy of the Person in the "Perspectives" program.

Walsh has worked as an advisor to a number of supplemental after school education programs in the New York and Chicago areas.

Asst. Prof. Robin Wood

Wood joins the School of Nursing as a full-time faculty member this year, after teaching on a part-time basis for 15 years. The adult health nursing specialist also taught for 10 years at Boston University.

After earning her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan in 1967, Wood worked as an intensive care nurse at hospitals in Detroit and Chattanooga, Tenn., and in surgical intensive care at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Wood later earned a master of science degree in nursing from Boston University in 1972 and became a certified nurse enterostomal therapist through a post-graduate program at Emory University in Georgia. In 1984, Wood earned a doctorate in instructional development from Boston University.

-Stephen Gawlik

"Welcome Additions" is an occasional feature on new tenure-track faculty members.


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