Projects to Affect Parking, Traffic

Projects to Affect Parking, Traffic

With work on a new Lower Campus office building set to begin early next month, University administrators are encouraging members of the University community who reside locally and park on Lower Campus to consider car-pooling or using public transportation when travelling to Boston College during the coming months.

Administrators say they expect approximately 175 parking spaces will be temporarily lost to the construction project, which will take place on the hillside east of O'Neill Library, thereby creating more demand for the number of available spaces on campus.

In anticipation of the project, which is expected to take 18 months to complete, fewer parking permits were issued at the beginning of the academic year, said Director of Student Services Louise Lonabocker. While those members of the University community who do have permits will not lose their parking privileges once work begins, she said, finding an available spot is likely to be more difficult, especially in the late morning.

"We are hoping that those who live especially close to campus will consider other modes of transportation before getting in their car to come to campus," said Lonabocker.

To help ease the demand for parking, administrators said the University will not issue campus permits next fall to undergraduates living off-campus within a one-mile radius of public transportation lines. This policy will apply to all students living in Allston, Brighton, Boston, Chestnut Hill and Brookline.

The project will also cause changes in the traffic flow on Lower Campus, as Facilities Management administrators are planning to reconfigure the roadway so it will accommodate the construction site.

Those employees and students who park their cars on campus are reminded to observe the following rules:

-A Boston College parking permit is required to park on campus at all times.

-Overnight parking requires a Boston College permit.

-Vehicles must be parked in unrestricted, white-lined spaces.

-Yellow spaces are restricted areas.

-Marked visitor spaces are for visitors, not for employees assigned to the area.

-Stephen Gawlik


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