Office of Program Management Begins Task of Assessing Productivity at BC

Office of Program Management Begins Task of Assessing Productivity at BC

Boston College has established the Office of Program Management as part of its efforts to improve services and design innovative business operations that support its academic mission.

The office, which opened in December, will work with the executive vice president in making assessments of costs, productivity, return on technology investments, staffing levels and organizational structure of the University's entire range of departments and services.

OPM is headed by James Kreinbring, former director of Project Delta, a University-wide task force that last June completed its dual objectives of improving service and reducing costs by departmental studies, business process redesign and the creation of the new Student Services organization.

The goal of OPM "is to find different ways to solve problems," Kreinbring said. "We want to encourage innovative staffing designs and creative uses for technology to stretch our resources and provide needed services."

Three current University staff members join Kreinbring at the new office: Eileen Doherty, who will work on financial analysis support, faculty course loads and enrollment data; Brenda Ricard, whose responsibilities involve technology utilization, organizational design and staffing; and Scott Winchell, who will assist managers and departments in conducting periodic reviews of their operations, services and use of resources.

"As we look forward it's clear that our aspirations to improve academic quality and to build essential physical facilities will result in more and more restrictive budgets," said Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella. "It is absolutely essential then, that we ensure that all of the $480 million in annual operating expenses is deployed as effectively as possible. The OPM's primary objective is to evaluate university activities, to recommend changes where called for, and to advise senior management in order to make sure that happens."

-Reid Oslin


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