Accrediting Agency Grants Associate Membership Status to IREPM

Accrediting Agency Grants Associate Membership Status to IREPM

The Theology Department and the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry together have been accorded associate-member status in the Association of Theological Schools, the leading accrediting agency for graduate theological education in North America. The association has 243 member institutions across denominational lines.

The Association of Theological Schools was once a largely Protestant organization comprising mostly free-standing seminaries and theological schools, said IREPM Associate Director for Academic Affairs Bud Horell, but in recent years, theology departments at Catholic institutions like the University of Notre Dame, Catholic University and, now, Boston College have joined.

Membership brings a variety of professional benefits, said Horell, while according IREPM, a pioneer 30 years ago in the training of lay people for pastoral ministry in the Catholic Church, recognition of its entrance into the mainstream of theological education.

The institute was one of the first programs to offer a graduate degree in pastoral ministry, and shortly after its founding added a doctoral degree sequence in religion and education. IREPM also has joint degree programs with the Graduate School of Social Work, Lynch School of Education and School of Nursing.

-Mark Sullivan


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