University Community Sends Donations to El Salvador

University Community Sends Donations to El Salvador

Boston College faculty, students and staff contributed more than $1,800 late last month to aid victims of the recent earthquake in El Salvador.

Following the Jan. 13 quake, which killed more than 700 people and left an estimated 1.5 million others homeless, the Campus Ministry Office announced it would donate collections from the Jan. 20-21 campus liturgies to the relief effort. More than $1,500 was collected.

In addition, members of the BC community visiting the Campus Ministry Office during the week contributed approximately $300.

"The outpouring of concern and determination to respond across campus has been overwhelming," said Campus Minister Dan Ponsetto, who travels to El Salvador with BC students each year. "The concept of solidarity is so important to the Salvadoran people we have met over the years, and this financial support is one practical way of demonstrating our commitment to our sisters and brothers in El Salvador."

"There's always been a strong bond between Jesuit schools like Boston College and El Salvador," said Director of Campus Ministry James Erps, SJ.

He said that the 1989 murders of six Jesuits and two women at the University of Central America had a "profound spiritual and emotional effect" on many in the University community and elsewhere in the United States.
"It has tied us to that country in a really unique way that is still with us today," said Fr. Erps.

Part of the money raised will be sent to Comunidades Eclesiales de Base de El Salvador, an organization which hosts a delegation of Boston College students and staff each spring, and through which Campus Ministry has established a "sister community" relationship with the village of El Ocotillo.

Fr. Erps said that a portion of the funds will also be sent to assist Jesuit apostolic works in El Salvador that are involved in the relief efforts.

-Stephen Gawlik


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