Associate VP Owens to Guide Student Info Systems

Associate VP Owens to Guide Student Info Systems

Seeking to establish the Student Services and Technology Consultant organizations permanently within the University's administrative structure, Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella has announced the appointment of Rita Owens to the newly created position of associate vice president for student information systems.

Under Owen's leadership, the University's technology consultants and the Student Services organization will report to the academic vice president effective June 1.

Owens, who came to Boston College in 1979 as associate registrar after holding similar positions at Virginia Tech and Babson College, was the principal designer of the Student Services department that was implemented through Project Delta, the University-wide initiative to reduce costs and improve services.

Rita Owens

The Student Services model paved the way for such improvements as electronic financial aid applications and a telephone-based system for checking grades, and has resulted in dramatically improved customer satisfaction reports from BC parents, while serving as a best practice model for universities nationwide.

Owens also oversaw the creation of the popular Technology Consultant organization, which has provided improved technical services to the University's administrative offices.

"In addition to aligning the Student Services and TC organizations within the academic side of the University, this move strengthens the partnership with Information Technology, where Rita will help set priorities and evaluate, select and deploy student information systems such as the FolderWave Document Management system," said Campanella. "I congratulate Rita on the excellent work that she has done at Boston College, and look forward to her continuing to develop these organizations into models of excellence for all of higher education."

Owens said she is eagerly anticipating the challenge of creating new processes with new technology to support students and those who work with them.

"Our ongoing goal is to use technology to improve the way people do their work at BC as well as providing better services for students and parents," she said. "More and more, students are interacting with faculty through electronic means, so bringing Student Services closer to the faculty provides a great opportunity both for me and the University."

Among her goals is finding the best software available to make student information systems as effective as possible. "We will look for the best vendors for student records and student financial systems," Owens said. " We do not feel restricted to looking at one vendor for all our needs.

"Overall, it is a great challenge, but I am looking forward to it in the hope that I can continue to make contributions to a place that I love."

Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties John Neuhauser welcomed the appointment of Owens.

"It will be great to have Rita join us as she has terrific experience with the various Students Services offices," said Neuhauser. "I look forward to her having a greater role in the teaching, learning and research aspects of the University."


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