The Boston College Chronicle

Sept. 30, 1999 Vol. 8, No.3

* * *

Burns Acquires Yeats Materials
Adds to strong collection

Rising Expectations
As BC works on problems of success, AVP Neuhauser sees more progress

Freshman Class Seen as Best in BC History

Groundsman gets kudos from Newton residents

Irish Institute Hosts Politicians from United Kingdom and Ireland
Joint Master's Degree Mixes Business, Languages
BC in Pilot Program to Test New Ways of Handling Laboratory Waste
Spagnoli Named Faculty-Athletics Liaison, Chair of Advisory Board
Law School to Celebrate 70th Year
AHANA Retention Conference Next Month

Photo: Lunch Help

First Irish Studies Fulbright Scholars Arrive --Two dancers and a musician to spend academic year at BC under new program
First Lady--For 14 Years, Kay Carey was Face of BC to Many
Turns On the Century: Communications Technology
Renaissance Revival--Charismatic 15th-Century Friar Captivated Crowds, but Laced His Message With Intolerance and Hate


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