Chronicle of Another Color

Chronicle of Another Color

With this issue of The Boston College Chronicle we are pleased to roll out a new, colorful design that brightens the paper's appearance and makes information more accessible to our readers.

The redesign is Chronicle 's first in eight years and - with the addition of color photographs on some pages and color type throughout - the most extensive in the history of BC's faculty and staff newspaper. Many of the changes resulted from reader suggestions submitted in a survey last spring.

As part of the redesign, the regular departments have been reorganized. Calendar has been moved to the back page, where it will be easier to find and where it will continue to be the central source for listings of upcoming campus events. The People department, one of the most-read sections of the paper, has been moved forward to page 2, while the jobs listings and postings will run on page 7.

These changes, together with new headline and text fonts, are aimed at making Chronicle a more attractive, easier-to-read publication. Most of all, we aim to keep Chronicle as the definitive source of information about Boston College happenings.

As always, we welcome reader feedback and urge you to contact us via e-mail at


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