Student Services in New Quarters

Student Services in New Quarters

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

A warm, inviting reception area, bright and comfortable work stations, and the latest in education-based service technology welcomed students to campus as the Office of Student Services opened its new quarters in Lyons Hall last month.

"We are ready for business," declared Student Services Director Louise Lonabocker as her 60-member staff settled into their renovated quarters in the former first-floor location of the offices of Financial Aid and University Registrar.

The physical improvements will enhance Student Services' ability to serve students, faculty and staff, Lonabocker said.

Lyons Hall has been renovated to help Student Services enhance its ability to serve students, faculty and staff.
"Our services will be the same," she explained, "but the space in which we provide them has become much more user-friendly."

New glass doors adorn the entrance to the Student Services area at the front of Lyons, replacing the heavy wooden portals that had been a feature of the building since its construction in 1951. The front lobby has been reconstructed with light-toned wood and glass, curved to mirror the arches on the front of the building. Recessed lighting illuminates the area and artwork will be added to the lobby at a later date, Lonabocker said.

Students seeking to pay their tuition, ask questions regarding their bills, fill out forms, or obtain identification cards and parking stickers will enter the appropriate section of the office, where as many as five service associates will be manning desk and ID stations.

"In the past, the person at the service desk could only serve one person at a time, and couldn't see if a line was forming in the outer lobby," Lonabocker said. "Now, we can see the line at all times through the glass and more people can be assigned to the service desk as necessary."

The area is furnished with chairs with attached writing surfaces to assist the students in completing their paperwork. Behind the lobby is a direct service area, where students and parents may discuss more detailed issues with one of eight staff members. Financial associates can meet with students in private offices, also located in close proximity to the service area.

Team leaders and financial associates are housed in offices with movable partitions, Lonabocker noted, enabling interior walls to be rearranged to meet future needs without the cost of major reconstruction.

Academic records are maintained in a separate wing of the Student Services complex, reducing the length of lines for students seeking specific academic record information.

Technical staff and system management specialists are located on the building's fourth floor. The basement foyer, next to the Welch Dining Room , will contain publication racks, e-mail stations and U-View stations, Lonabocker said, and a conference room and storage space have been added to the lower lobby area.

"The smoothness of our move into our new space has been a real tribute to our staff," said Lonabocker. "We moved just as the tuition bills went out for the first semester, but we were able to accomplish it without any major problems."

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