HR Service Center to be Launched

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Boston College employees can expect to see a speedier, easier and more efficient process for handling human resources-related tasks, such as changing payroll and benefit options, when the Human Resources Service Center opens on Sept. 27.

The HRSC, which will be located in More Hall 370, is the latest result of the on-going Project Delta effort to simplify and streamline the University's business management systems.

Under the direction of Richard Young, the center will be the new home for 21 employees from the Human Resources Department's employment, benefits, payroll, budget and financial systems offices.

"Essentially, we are consolidating eight human resource processes related to hiring, benefits, position management, payroll and time collection into a central location," said Young, formerly associate controller for financial management systems. "This will help speed up the processing timeline for virtually all University human resources transactions.

"At the same time, this allows the Human Resources Department to process those transactions more quickly and efficiently, resulting in significant cost savings for the University," he said.

Richard Young

According to Young, an implementation team has been at work for the past 18 months preparing for the HRSC opening. As part of this process, a number of employment and payroll forms have been redesigned and will be available directly to employees and managers on the HRSC World Wide Web site [/hrsc] as another time- and cost-saving advantage, he said.

Employees wishing to make changes to their payroll or benefit options and departments seeking to fill employment slots, "can go to the HRSC Web site, draw down the appropriate form, complete it on-line, print it and send it to the HRSC," Young said.

HRSC, in conjunction with the Office of Employee Development, has created a series of employee training sessions, which began last Friday. Approximately 200 managers and administrators, all with payroll or human resources-related job responsibilities, are expected to attend the sessions, which will familiarize them with the new system.

Young said that the initial implementation of the HRSC will concentrate on payroll functions and production of year-end W-2 tax forms. Future HRSC goals will include online time collection, online pay stubs, job applicant tracking and salary planning.

Director of Internet Business Services Denis Walsh said that as processing and data entry functions are handled through the new system, "HRSC employees will have more time to do qualitative analysis-type work, and provide information that enables managers and supervisors to make more informed decisions."

Walsh said that the new HRSC system will boost the self-sufficiency of employees, giving them access to their HR records at any time.

"There will be more and more services available" as the system is implemented, he said. "Right now, an employee can have deductions from his or her paycheck deposited in only two different bank accounts. Soon that number will be four or five. The employee will have the ability to make those changes directly. "

Walsh noted that 3,100 new personal and public access computer stations are being installed across campus - including within those areas traditionally without computer availability - as part of the Desktop 2000 project.

"This is a trend, not just in universities but in businesses across the country," Walsh said. "It's a focused effort to move away from the old data processing model into one that meets our needs in the next millennium."

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