Major Journal Comes to LSOE

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education has selected the Lynch School of Education as the institutional home of its official publication, Journal of Teacher Education , and named Prof. Marilyn Cochran-Smith (LSOE) as the publication's editor.

Associate editors of the journal include LSOE Associate Dean Dennis Shirley, and LSOE faculty members Prof. Curt Dudley-Marling, Prof. Gerald Pine, Asst. Prof. Audrey Friedman, Asst. Prof. David Scanlon and Instr. Janice Jackson. They and Cochran-Smith will begin their terms on Jan. 1.

The Journal of Teacher Education , currently in its 50th year of publication, appears five times annually and is considered one of the most competitive and prestigious journals in the field of teacher education.


"This is a journal that crosses the desk of every dean of education in the country and gives us an opportunity to shape the field," said Cochran-Smith. "With an editorial group comprised of scholars who bring differing perspectives to teacher education, we hope to enrich the discourse about teacher education and represent more of the many voices in the field."

Cochran-Smith pointed to the "increasingly publicized and politicized" issues in teacher preparation as a major facet of what has become "an extremely complex field."

"We hope to reflect more of the current debate in the pages of the journal," she said. "More importantly perhaps, we hope to use the journal to shape the debate and influence the ways teacher education issues are constructed in research, policy, and practice."

Cochran-Smith was honored by AACTE earlier this year when she received its Margaret B. Lindsey Award for Distinguished Research in Teacher Education, which recognizes scholars who have performed at least 15 years of outstanding research in the field.

-Mark Sullivan

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