Environmental Health, Safety Oversight Panel Formed

Environmental Health, Safety Oversight Panel Formed

In an effort to support the mission of the Environmental Health and Safety Office, the University has established a new Environmental Health and Safety Oversight Panel.

Consisting of faculty and administrators from across the University, the new panel will support the office, assist in the development of environmental safety policies and help ensure compliance with governmental regulations, according t o Environmental Health and Safety Director Suzanne Howard.

Howard, who sits on the panel, said that any concerns a member of the University community might have about environmental health and safety issues should be addressed to her office, which will forward them to the panel.

In addition to Howard, panel members include Financial Vice President and Treasurer Peter C. McKenzie, Associate Vice President for State and Community Relations Paul White, Prof. Michael Clarke (Chemistry), Buildings and Grounds Director Thomas Devine, Research Administration Director Stephen Erickson, General Counsel Joseph Herlihy, Health Services Director Thomas Nary, MD, Director of Risk Management Michael Prinn and Associate Director of University Housing Linda Riley.

-Michael Seele

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