University Establishes New Program in Ulster

University Establishes New Program in Ulster

Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties John J. Neuhauser (right) and University of Ulster Vice-Chancellor Gerry McKenna sign the agreement formalizing the new exchange program between the two institutions.

Boston College has established a new exchange program with the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland that will focus on biotechnology and other sciences.

The partnership, which was formalized at an April 28 ceremony in Burns Library, will include opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student study abroad, faculty exchanges and individual or joint faculty research projects, according to Center for International Studies Marian St. Onge.

The University of Ulster is ranked first in the United Kingdom for biomedical studies, said St. Onge, and has drawn acclaim for its state-of-the-art facilities, expertise in the biomedical and life sciences field and its involvement in groundbreaking research projects.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for BC students involved in the hard sciences to study science abroad," said St. Onge. "The faculty is excited about the chance to connect with scientists at the University of Ulster and make inroads into private and public industry. It is particularly appropriate for BC to have this relationship now in light of our investment in physics, chemistry and biology."

-Kathleen Sullivan


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