Aug. 1 Is Deadline for 2001 Directory Listings Changes

Aug. 1 Is Deadline for 2001 Directory Listings Changes

The Office of Human Resources has announced a deadline of 5 p.m. on Aug. 1 for verifying or changing personnel information that will appear in the 2001 Communications Directory. The same deadline will hold for departmental organizational information, such as fax number or technology contact, listed in the "Departments" section at the back of the directory. That information should be reviewed for accuracy by unit directors or chairpersons.

"The deadline for changes is determined by the amount of time we need to format and print the directory for distribution in September," said Employee Relations Director Richard Jefferson. "People naturally want to have the new directory on hand early in the academic year, and we intend to deliver it in that time period."

Employees can view and change their personnel information by clicking the "Agora" link on the InfoEagle home page (/iehome/) and following the instructions.

Departmental information can be viewed by clicking the "Directory" link on the InfoEagle page and then clicking the link titled "Directory of Boston College Departments, Schools and Organizations."

Changes in department organizational information should be sent to Records Coordinator Ann Coyne, at Human Resources, in More Hall, at 2-2336, or Individuals who have difficulty making changes to their personnel records should also contact Coyne for assistance.

"We urge all employees to check the electronic listing and make sure the information about them is correct," said Jefferson, "so that the printed directory can be as up-to-date as possible."

Changes made after Aug. 1 will be reflected in the electronic directory on InfoEagle, which is updated as new information becomes available.


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