Honoring Faculty Excellence

Honoring Faculty Excellence

A look at the recipients of the 1999-2000 Distinguished Teaching, Research and Service Awards presented at Faculty Day:

Teaching Awards

(L-R) Teaching Award recipients Dayton Haskin, Cynthia Lynn Lyerly and Frank Gollop.

Prof. Frank Gollop (Economics) - Gollop, who teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in such areas as environmental economics, antitrust economics and industrial organization, is known for the aggressive manner with which he engages his students. One of Gollop's colleagues wrote, "The brilliance of Frank's teaching has been evident since the day he joined our faculty ... his student evaluations are truly phenomenal."

Prof. Dayton Haskin (English) - A Guggenheim Fellow in 1996-97, Haskin's interests include Renaissance and Restoration English Literature. He has taught courses on Milton and Shakespeare, and has built a reputation for giving his students a clear expectation of what is demanded of them, especially in re-writing and polishing their work. As Haskin's letter of nomination states, "Few faculty reconcile the twin tasks of inspiring and challenging as superbly as Dayton Haskin."

Assoc. Prof. Cynthia Lynn Lyerly (History) - Lyerly teaches American History and has directed numerous thesis and dissertations since her arrival at BC in 1995. Her record clearly marks her as a very popular teacher with both graduate and undergraduate students. As one colleague wrote, "Lynn does it all as a teacher. In the classroom she brings history to life for her students, teaches them how to think critically and both demands and inspires them to do their best work."

Research Awards

Research Award winners Amir Hoveyda and Marilyn Cochran-Smith.

Prof. Marilyn Cochran-Smith (LSOE) - Cochran-Smith's research takes her throughout the world. The current editor of the Journal of Teacher Education, she is the outgoing vice president of the American Education Research Association Division K. A recipient of multiple grants and awards, she was the 1999 winner of the Margaret Lindsey Award for Distinguished Research in Teaching and Teacher Education and co-recipient of the 1999-2000 Spencer Foundation Small Grant for "Teacher Testing and Teacher Education Curriculum."

Vanderslice Millennium Professor of Chemistry Amir Hoveyda - The winner of the 1994 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award and the 1998 American Chemical Society Cope Scholar Award, Hoveyda is a regular contributor to the Journal of the American Chemical Society and the Journal of Organic Chemistry. He has recently received grants from the Dreyfus Foundation National Science. According to one letter of recommendation, Hoveyda's "diverse research accomplishments... are having a profound impact upon contemporary synthetic organic chemistry."

John Fourkas

Assoc. Prof. John Fourkas (Chemistry) - Since arriving at Boston College in 1994, Fourkas has received the National Science Foundation Career Award, the Beckman Young Investigator Award and the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award. His lengthy list of publications includes regular contributions to the Journal of Physical Chemistry and contributing editorship to the 1997 publication, Supercooled Liquids: Advances and Novel Applications. One colleague wrote, "I am spectacularly impressed with John's experimental and theoretical results, scholarship and productivity."

Service Awards

Joellen Hawkins
Prof. Joellen Hawkins (SON) - Hawkins is a volunteer with the Food Pantry of West Newton, the Second Step program in Newton, the Newton Corner Clothes Closet for Battered Women, Prospect Terrace Day Care, the Women's Lunch Place and the Crittenton Hastings House Shelter for pregnant women. One colleague wrote of Hawkins, "She does more volunteer service in a year than most do in a lifetime."

Demetrius Iatridis
Prof. Demetrius Iatridis (GSSW) - Iatridis has drawn praise for bringing the research of social policy to the international stage while creating models of social work practice for emerging democracies. As one letter of recommendation said, "Demetrius' international initiatives have been pioneering models for universities everywhere and he is a great credit to Boston College." Iatridis is the founder of the Graduate School of Social Work's "Boston Day" event at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which offers students the opportunity to form ties with city authorities and neighborhood leaders.


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