Barnett and Webb Triumph

Alvin Barnett 01 and Rochelle Webb 01, student-government veterans who have urged greater emphasis on multicultural diversity on campus, prevailed last week in the annual election for the Undergraduate Government at Boston College. The Barnett-Webb slate defeated rivals Michael Mita 01 and Amanda Jack 02 by a vote of 1,175 to 965 in the balloting Feb. 22-24.

Barnett, a psychology major from Garden City, NY, has served this past year as UGBC vice-president, in which role he has made numerous presentations to the Board of Trustees on diversity issues. Last month he was named winner of the coveted Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship.

Barnett was one of 13 AHANA students sent anonymous "hate e-mail" in a 1998 incident he says reflects the need for addressing racial intolerance at Boston College. He has advocated stepped-up diversity training, greater focus on non-European courses in the history core, and the creation of a University vice-presidency devoted to multicultural affairs.

A former vice-president of the AHANA Leadership Council, Barnett has served as a 48 Hours group leader and an Orientation leader, and has been active in the Black Student Forum, the Cape Verdean Student Association and the Student Admission Program. He plans to attend law school upon graduation.

Alvin Barnett (left) and Rochelle Webb.

Webb, a communication and English major from Marietta, Ga., has served this past year as UGBC chief of University Affairs. As a member of the Jenks Leadership Program, she helps organize programs for children at the Allston-Brighton YMCA, and last year volunteered on weekends at the Boston Food Shelter. She has also served as an Orientation leader. Webb plans to pursue a career in advertising.

Mark Sullivan

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