Y2K Is OK at BC

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

    Y2K passed uneventfully at Boston College, with few if any problems reported among campus systems over New Year's weekend.

    Information Systems Audit Manager Pamela Jerskey, who directed the University's Year 2000 Task Force, said faculty and students returning this week should not experience any Y2K-related difficulties. She praised the efforts of task force members as well as personnel from Information Technology, Buildings and Grounds and other departments who helped ensure that BC remained free of computer glitches or systems failures.

    "The media and public perception is that Y2K was nothing but hype, and it's quite understandable," Jerskey said. "But if people hadn't done anything, if there had been no planning and testing, there would have been a lot of cause for concern. We had superb cooperation across the University."

    From New Year's Eve through New Year's Day, several IT staff members were on campus to ensure that the transition went smoothly. As midnight approached, a team from the Boston College Police Department and B&G monitored the Y2K transition off-campus and around the world via television and the Internet. After midnight, team members confirmed that each building on campus had basic power and utility functions were operating normally.

    Department representatives held conference calls on the morning of Jan. 1 to verify that all systems were functioning normally. In addition, members of IT's Enterprise Computing Services continued to monitor systems performance between Jan. 1 and Jan. 4 to ensure compliance.

    Jerskey added that the University's Y2K preparedness initiative produced some positive results that will last well beyond Jan. 1. BC was able to standardize its hardware and software and discard systems no longer in use, she noted, and perform a complete inventory of its information assets.

    "We also have up-to-date contingency planning for the whole university," she added.

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