Alpha Sigma Nu Recognizes Byrne For Work On Aristotle

    Analysis and Science in Aristotle, by Prof. Patrick Byrne (Philosophy), was chosen as a "Notable Book" in the 20th annual National Jesuit Book Awards presented by the Jesuit honor society Alpha Sigma Nu.

    In the book, Byrne departs from traditional thinking to explore the ties between Aristotelian and modern scientific thought, which are usually regarded as fundamentally at odds with each other. A reviewer for Alpha Sigma Nu characterized Byrne's work as a "sophisticated and well-informed treatment of a significant issue in the history of ancient philosophy."

    "I am very pleased to have received this honor," said Byrne. "Seeing as how philosophy is a discipline that is integral to Jesuit education, it is gratifying to be recognized by a national Jesuit association."

    Alpha Sigma Nu awards book prizes each year in a specific category, such as the humanities, science, or professional studies, which encompasses a range of fields from architecture to law.

                                                                                                                           -Sean Smith

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