Fund-raiser Aids Families of Firefighters

By Kathleen Sullivan
Contributing Staff

    A fund-raiser organized by the Boston College Police Department in conjunction with the Athletic Association and the Environmental Health and Safety Office raised more than $3,600 for the families of the six firefighters who died battling a warehouse blaze in Worcester on Dec. 3.

    BCPD Detective Shawn de Jong coordinated the fund-raising effort held on Dec. 10 during the Harvard-Boston College hockey game in Conte Forum. Firefighters from Boston Fire Department Engine 29 and Newton Fire Department Engine 6 staffed tables at the north and south entrances of Conte along with de Jong and BCPD Officers William Murphy and Phil Williams. Fire boots were set up on the tables to collect donations from the hockey fans as they arrived.

    Some people dropped their loose change in the boots, while others stopped and wrote checks for up to $100, according to de Jong.

    "One person opened his wallet which had $63 in it," de Jong said. "He donated $60 and said the $3 should be enough to get him home on the T."

    The Boston and Newton firefighters said they were very moved by "the generosity of the people," she added.

    Separately, an additional $1,500 was donated by members of the BCPD, in large part from a charitable contribution from the Patrolmanís Association. That sum and the money raised at the hockey game were forwarded to the Fallen Firefighters Fund established at the Worcester Fire Department Credit Union.

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