New Wrinkles in the 1999 Edition of 'A Dancer's Christmas' Performance

New Wrinkles in the 1999 Edition of 'A Dancer's Christmas' Performance

Boston College's popular holiday tradition "A Dancer's Christmas" will feature several new wrinkles this year when it opens tomorrow night at Robsham Theater.

Among other changes, the dance-flavored interpretation of the Christmas story will include BC's Riverdance Fulbright Scholars in Irish Dance, Yzanne Cloonan and Fiona Harold, along with several other dancers from abroad, and a new act containing references to "Y2K" anxiety.

"The idea is to convey how adults feel anxiety over the end of the millennium, while it is the children who understand the spirit of Christmas, and exhibit joy and playfulness," explained University Artist-in-Residence Robert Ver Eecke, SJ, who has choreographed the annual production since its 1980 debut.

"'Dancer's Christmas' is never quite the same from year to year, and this time around there are some very special touches," added Fr. Ver Eecke, director of the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble, the University's resident dance ensemble which presents the show.

Fr. Ver Eecke pointed to the addition of Irish step-dancers Cloonan and Harold, who are studying with Fr. Ver Eecke under scholarships co-sponsored through the Irish Studies Program.

"A major part of their experience here is to be exposed to different forms of dance," he said, "and just as importantly, I thought it would be a lot of fun to integrate their talents and skills."

Also performing this year will be dancer s from Peru, Australia, Korea and Haiti. The cast includes students as well as professionals, some of whom are BC alumni.

In addition to the public performances this weekend and next [see Calendar], Fr. Ver Eecke noted that there will be special showings for approximately 1,000 area Catholic schoolchildren.

-Sean Smith

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