Burgess Named to Energy Panel

Burgess Named to Energy Panel

Prof. David Burgess (Biology) has been appointed to the United States Department of Energy's Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee, a panel of scientists that advises the DOE on its research into global and atmospheric change, nuclear medicine and other areas of biological and environmental study.

Burgess , who was appointed to a two-year term , said, "The opportunity to be one of the members of this committee allows for input and guidance on the direction of research on activities from the Human Genome Project to global weather to waste-cleanup at national laboratory sites . "

Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer added, "Prof. Burgess' invitation to serve on this committee is an important indicator of his national leadership in science policy and the application of research to pressing human issues. Dr. Burgess' appointment honors him and, through him, BC ."

Burgess added, "Tremendous advances on understanding the human genome and on weather prediction are anticipated over the next five years, in part because of the major investments being made by the DOE, especially in the area of large-scale scientific computing. The DOE is an important contributor to basic and applied research, and it is an honor to serve on one of its advisory committees."

-Mark Sullivan

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