Teaching Excellence Awards Announced

Teaching Excellence Awards Announced

Boston College has announced the recipients of the annual Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards, which recognize graduate teaching fellows and teaching assistants who distinguished themselves in their classroom instruction this academic year.

The award winners will be honored at a ceremony on Thursday, May 11, in Gasson 100, where they will receive a cash award and letter of congratulations from Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties John Neuhauser.

This year's recipients are:

In the College of Arts and Sciences, Michael Ahearn, Cheryl Doughty, Carlos Garcia-Reverte, Shelia Landry and Eric Merle (Biology); Tommaso Baldacchini, Jarred Blank, Ryan Howard, Joanna Segismundo and Brian Tolan (Chemistry); Michael Giandrea and Pornpilai Ongardanunkul (Economics); Maria Brandt and Leilani Bowie (English); Michael Brown and Kevin Arthur MacKinnon (Geology); Mary Conley and Ralph T. Romero (History); Jennifer Gillett, Lynette Kelley and Ben Kennedy (Mathematics).

Other A&S recipients are: Joe Tadie, Linda Riviere, Joe Westfall and Brian Treanor (Philosophy); Matthew Vannette and Brian Perone (Physics); Kyle Dell (Political Science); Tamlin Conner (Psychology); Cara Sullivan, Peter Neissa, Lisa Loberg, Brooke Gentile, Nikki Bartlett, Elena Ivanova and Cristina Schulze (Romance Languages); Lee Vigilant (Sociology); and Connie Lasher (Theology).

Carroll School of Management award winners are Atakan Yalcin, Luanne Isherwood and Pacey Foster.

Lynch School of Education recipients are Lisa Fiore, Kathleen O'Connor, Richard Cass, Jere Turner and Kathleen Ting.

Ann Dylis is the School of Nursing award winner.

-Stephen Gawlik  

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