LSC Project Is Postponed

LSC Project Is Postponed

By Jack Dunn
Director of Public Affairs

Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella announced last week that the Project Delta Executive Team has decided to postpone indefinitely the implementation of the Local Service Centers.

The LSC, Boston College's model for clustering services for faculty and staff, would bring together support functions currently performed in departments and join them with some of the financial and human resource tasks now performed in More Hall. The goal of the LSCs is to simplify and consolidate work so that unnecessary and redundant work is eliminated, the cost of administration is lowered, and department chairs and staff have fewer administrative responsibilities.

LSC planning teams, led by Human Resources Senior Personnel Officer Michael Pimental and Buildings and Grounds Fiscal Officer Raymond Rivera , worked to redesign the processes for arranging travel reservations and reimbursements, processing graduate admissions, hiring staff, making budget transfers, purchasing goods and services for departments and research projects, providing Web and technology support, and setting up events and functions.

"We continue to believe that the LSC concept would provide high quality service to departments and significant cost reductions over time, but this is not the moment to attempt a full implementation," said Campanella. "We realized that while there are many people who supported this initiative, others felt that it was not the right time to proceed. In the best of circumstances, the LSC implementation would be a complex undertaking, requiring consensus and support throughout the University. We are disappointed that that consensus does not now exist, but remain hopeful that we can revisit this issue at a later time."

Reflecting on the LSC planning process, Campanella noted that although implementation has been deferred indefinitely, there have been positive and lasting outcomes from the LSC planning process.

"The first is the establishment of the technology consultants, an important and successful innovation providing technology support in the departments," he said. "In addition, the work of the LSC design teams has provided a comprehensive cataloging, documentation, and redesign of all the business functions now carried out in departments. Project Delta has been about preparing for the future of BC, and the LSC teams, led by Mike Pimental and Raymond Rivera, have made a valuable contribution. Their work will not be lost and will be used as we go forward."


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