University Grant Recipients for 2000-01 Announced

University Grant Recipients for 2000-01 Announced

Boston College has announced the winners of University-sponsored grants for the 2000-01 academic year.

The following faculty members have received Teaching, Advising and Mentoring grants: Assoc. Prof. Pamela Burke (SON), Assoc. Prof. Katherine Gill (Theology), Assoc. Prof. Daniel Kirschner (Biology), Assoc. Prof. Ronna Krozy (SON) and Assoc. Prof. Gilda Morelli (Psychology).

Research Incentive grants have been awarded to the following faculty: Prof. Anthony Annunziato (Biology), Prof. George Brown (Law), Prof. Peter Clote (Computer Science), Prof. Clifford Holderness (CSOM), Prof. John Michalczyk (Fine Arts), Assoc. Prof. Thomas Chemmanur (CSOM), and Assoc. Prof. John Fourkas (Chemistry).

Also receiving Research Incentive grants were: Assoc. Prof. Judith Gordon (CSOM), Assoc. Prof. Ellen Mahoney (SON), Assoc. Prof. Gilda Morelli (Psychology), Asst. Prof. James Najarian (English), Asst. Prof. Sergio Serulnikov (History), Asst. Prof. Rhonda Frederick (English), Asst. Prof. Deborah Donahue (SON), Asst. Prof. Robert Miner (Philosophy), Asst. Prof. Ana M. Martinez Aleman (LSOE), and Instr. Janice Jackson (LSOE).


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