B.C. Joins Group Offering M.B.A. In China

Students in the Carroll Graduate School of Management now have the opportunity to spend a semester studying in Beijing, China as a result of a new international master of business administration program launched over the summer.

CGSOM joined China's Peking University and 24 other American Jesuit business schools in creating the Beijing International Management Center, a cooperative educational venture that offers the first recognized foreign MBA degree in that nation, utilizing American curriculum and management courses. The Chinese government estimates that its economy needs 300,000 MBA holders to help privatize state-run companies and enable Chinese industry to better compete globally.

Although this course of studies is designed primarily for Chinese students, about 20 percent of the program's slots will be filled by full-time MBA students from Boston College and other consortium institutions who choose to spend a semester at the Beijing Center.

"We feel this gives Boston College a significant competitive advantage," noted CSOM Dean John J. Neuhauser in announcing the new program. "Our students can now study alongside the best and brightest of China, a country which will be a major trading partner and a major market in the 21st century."

-Reid Oslin

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