E-Mail Now Accessible From Off Campus Through Web Browsers

Members of the Boston College community can now access their University electronic mail account from anywhere off-campus via their World Wide Web browsers.

Users log onto the "E-mail from Anywhere" Web page /ontheroad, and select their mail server and Web browser. After entering their respective user names and five-digit PINs, users will be able to view the 20 most recent e-mail messages received through their account. Selecting the "more messages" command under the "messages" menu enables users to expand the number of messages they may view.

With this service, users may compose, reply to, or delete mail messages. They also may view or send attachments, depending on the program in which the file was created.

The e-mail messages will remain on the mail server so users may view them when they return to campus.

For further information, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at ext.2-HELP, or log onto the "E-mail from anywhere" Web page.

-Sean Smith

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