Journal Moves To S.O.E.

Educational Policy , an interdisciplinary journal of policy and practice edited by Monan Professor of Higher Education Philip Altbach, has reorganized its editorial staff and moved its operations to the School of Education.

The journal was founded 12 years ago by Altbach and a group of colleagues at the State University of New York at Buffalo. When Altbach came to Boston College in 1994, the journal office shifted here as well, but some editorial operations remained in Buffalo. Now, all work is housed at Boston College.

Two SOE faculty members also have been appointed to the staff. Prof. Diana Pullin joins Altbach as an editor, and Asst. Prof. Ana M. Martínez Alemán was named associate editor.

Published by Corwin Press, Educational Policy is recognized as a top journal in its field, providing critical perspectives on key policy issues facing education today.

-Mark Sullivan

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