Faculty Can See Student Photos On Line

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Recent improvements to the University's Agora services now allow faculty members access via the World Wide Web to class lists with digitized images of their students, as well as advising-related information.

These additions reflect Project Delta's goal of utilizing technology that enables administrators, faculty and staff to increase their productivity, efficiency and service to students, said Associate Director for Technology Planning and Integration Mary Corcoran.

"One of the most important objectives coming out of Delta is to be able to do more on your own," explained Corcoran. "We hope that the new Agora services will make it easier for faculty to work with students, and to build a good relationship with them outside of the classroom."

The main page for Agora, provides links to the menu of services. Along with the illustrated class lists, faculty members can view basic demographic information on their advisees, and even perform a simulated degree audit for them.

"It cuts down enormously on paperwork," Corcoran said of the latter features. "You don't have to locate and gather information: The list of courses is all right there."

Corcoran added that every effort has been made to preserve the confidentiality of students' personal and academic information. The Web pages with class lists are customized for, and restricted to, the appropriate faculty members, she noted.

Faculty who have used the new services report generally positive results and look forward to further refinements.

"What's available now, I love," said Assoc. Prof. William Petri (Biology). "As a pilot program, it shows incredible promise. There are some very good features to it."

"I think it's a wonderful invention," said Monan Professor of Theology Lisa Sowle Cahill. "I'm pretty good at memorizing faces and names in my classes; it usually takes me about six to eight weeks. But I was able to do that in about a week or so this time around."

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