Search For Info Tech V.P. Progresses

By Michael Seele
Chronicle Editor

Several candidates for the new position of vice president for Information Technology have been identified and interviews have begun, according to Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella.

A pool of up to 10 candidates will be screened down for consideration by a group of University administrators and faculty in the coming weeks. Following a series of interviews with each candidate, three finalists will be presented to University President William P. Leahy, SJ, said Campanella.

An interim management team - led by Campanella, who assumed the chief information officer's role on an interim basis - was installed in September. Campanella said the team has been effective in making tough decisions, in providing leadership and in solving problems.

"Because of the competence, energy and effectiveness of the interim management team, I don't feel at all rushed in the conduct of a careful, deliberate search for a vice president for Information Technology," Campanella said.

"This appointment will be important to the University both in the near term and in the long term, particularly as the need develops to support an expanding faculty research agenda and a rapidly emerging faculty interest in using technology in the classroom," Campanella said. Effectively deploying emerging technologies also will be an important role for the new vice president, he added.

The administrators and faculty who will interview candidates are: Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties David R. Burgess; Financial Vice President and Treasurer Peter C. McKenzie; University Librarian Jerome Yavarkovsky; Carroll School of Management Associate Dean Hassell McClellan; Assoc. Prof. Grant Balkema (Biology); Asst. Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett (Psychology); and the IT interim management team, which includes Director of Enrollment Systems Rita Owens, Technology Planning and Integration Director Paul Dupuis, Management Information Systems Director Denis Walsh, and Director of Information Technology for Enterprise Data Service John Spang.


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