Employee Health Fairs Scheduled

Boston College employees will be able to take stock of their well-being at two health fairs, scheduled to take place from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22 and Wednesday, Oct. 28 in the Shea Room of Conte Forum.

The fairs are sponsored by the HealthQuest Project , an innovative experiment at Boston College that combines medical information and World Wide Web technology, in cooperation with University Health and Dining services.

In addition to offering such services as nutrition consultation and flu shots, the health fairs will provide an opportunity for administrators, faculty and staff of all ages to sign up for a new HealthQuest program on heart disease prevention.

The three-year study, organized cooperatively with Brigham and Women's Hospital and headed by Prof. Jeanne Guillemin (Sociology), is testing the use of technology to promote preventive health care. HealthQuest has run programs on substance abuse awareness, sports injury prevention and breast cancer awareness, and has recently begun another on pre-natal care. In addition to fostering greater health care awareness on campus, HealthQuest is working with the University's Faculty/Staff Assistance Program to promote participation in all the preventive programs.

The health fairs will have a particular focus on cardiovascular health, and visitors will be able to undergo blood pressure and cholesterol and stress screening, as well as obtain information on heart-related health issues.

-Sean Smith

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