Grants, Sabbaticals Available

Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties David R. Burgess has released information on several faculty support programs.

Schools will have 80 percent sabbaticals available for the following periods: College of Arts and Sciences, five, 1999-2000; Carroll School of Management, three, 1999-2000/2001-02; Graduate School of Social Work, one, 1999-2000/2002-03; Law School, two, 1999-2000/2000-01; School of Education, two, 1999-2000/2001-02; and School of Nursing, one, 1999-2000/2000-01.

Deans' offices have details on application deadlines and procedures for both 80 percent and regular sabbaticals.

During the 1999-2000 period, A&S will have seven faculty fellowships available, while the Law School, SOE and SON will have one each. In addition, CSOM will have five faculty fellowships available for the 1999-2000/2001-02 period, and GSSW will have one available for the 1999-2000/2000-01 period.

Research expense grants of up to $1,500 can be obtained by submitting applications to the Office of Research Administration. The deadline for winter-spring grants is Oct. 9; the summer-fall grant deadline is April 9, 1999.

Burgess also has announced the availability of 25 teaching, advising and mentoring grants, and research incentive grants. The award for either grant is at least one month's salary up to $15,000.

Faculty must present completed applications to their department chairs or deans by Nov. 23. Grant applications are available from deans and department chairs.

-Sean Smith

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