Katz Wins Oxford Fellowship

Prof. Sanford Katz (Law) has been elected as a visiting fellow at the Pembroke College of Oxford University for the 1999-2000 academic year. It marks the second time Oxford has named Katz as a visiting fellow. He served in that capacity at All Souls College in 1997.

"This is a tremendous honor, one that recognizes Boston College as much as it does me," said Katz. "I am very pleased and excited to be given this opportunity."

During his stay at Oxford, Katz plans to complete his study of Anglo-American family law, which will ultimately be published by Oxford University Press. Katz notes that since the end of World War II, a range of social, economic and political forces have affected the family law process in the US and Great Britain, including the establishment, administration and termination of family and family-like relationships.

"The study will examine the process comparatively," Katz explained, "and also will look to the future and what the 21st century is likely to bring in the realm of family law."

Prof. Sanford Katz (Law).

Pembroke College was founded in 1624 and its famous students include Samuel Johnson and William Blackstone, as well as Sen. William Fulbright, who studied there as a Rhodes Scholar.

-Sean Smith

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