C.G.S.O.M. Finance Scholarship Benefits Business Journalists

The Carroll Graduate School of Management has launched an innovative scholarship opportunity that will enable business journalists to better keep abreast of rapid changes in finance.

The program, which administrators believe is the first of its kind in the nation, will provide a full academic scholarship to a qualified business journalist each year, enabling the recipient to study for a CGSOM master of science in finance degree.

"The recent and rapid changes in the field of finance - including the globalization of financial markets, widespread deregulation and advances in technology - have created new challenges in financial reporting," said Associate Director of Graduate Finance Programs Ruth Levine. "The aim of this scholarship is to enhance journalists' ability to provide top quality business analysis and reporting."

Levine said that notices of the scholarship opportunity were sent to some 1,400 business journalists in major media markets, radio and television networks, business magazines and national wire services. Within days, Levine said, requests for additional information and applications were received from such news organizations as Reuters, Inc. magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Most journalists would probably not consider going back to school for business, with its accompanying costs and loss of income," Levine said. "With this scholarship, we make it more affordable.

"Couple that with the fact that this is a one-year program, and this becomes a real option for journalists," she said.

Applications for the scholarship must be received by June 15. The first recipient will enroll in the 10-course program in September.

-Reid Oslin

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