Retirees, 25-Year Employees Honored

Faculty and staff who have retired or marked 25 years of service to the University during the past year will be honored at a dinner hosted by University President William P. Leahy, SJ, on Thursday, May 27 in the Lower Campus Dining Hall Heights Room. Faculty retirees to be honored at the dinner are Prof. Norman Wells (Philosophy), Assoc. Prof. Catherine Murphy (SON); Assoc. Prof. Bernard O'Brien (SOE); and Assoc. Prof. Frances Ouellette (SON).

Administrative and staff retirees are O'Neill Library Cataloging and Systems Assistant Jeanne Blaquere, O'Neill Library Senior Copy Cataloging Assistant Lidia Bukhbinder, Dining Service Worker Nora Dunn, B&G Custodian Arnold Frost, Student Services Processing Assistant Mary Henson, Graduate School of Social Work Dean's Assistant Mary Hogan, Academic Vice President Faculty Personnel Assistant Carol Hunt-Clerici, College of Arts and Sciences Senior Associate Dean Marie McHugh, Mail Clerk James Murphy, Lead Carpenter John Ryan and Associate University Librarian Jeremy Slinn.

Faculty members marking 25 years are Prof. Pamela Berger (Fine Arts), Prof. Robert Bloom (Law), Prof. Rosemarie Bodenheimer (English), Assoc. Prof. Robert Bond (Mathematics), Prof. Paul Davidovits (Chemistry), Prof. Randolph Easton (Psychology), Assoc. Prof. Mark Gelfand (History), Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Goldthwaite (Biology), Prof. Ruth-Arlene Howe (Law), Prof. Philip King (Theology), Assoc. Prof. Peter Kugel (Computer Science), Assoc. Prof. Charles Landraitis (Mathematics), Prof. John Michalczyk (Fine Arts), Prof. David Northrup (History), A&S Honors Program Director Mark O'Connor, Prof. Ronald Pawliczek (CSOM), Assoc. Prof. Joseph Pedulla (SOE), Prof. Joseph Quinn (Economics), Assoc. Prof. Alan Rogers (History), Assoc. Prof. Michael Schiro (SOE), Prof. Kay Schlozman (Political Science) and Assoc. Prof. Rachel E. Spector (SON).

Twenty-five year administrators and staff members are GSSW Administrator Ann Burns, Budget Director Michael Callnan, B&G Mechanic Edward Chobit, O'Neill Library Senior Copy Cataloging Assistant Delia Duart, B&G Assistant Director for Administrative Services Paula Forget, SON Associate Dean Loretta Higgins, Weston Observatory Senior Project Engineer Edward Johnson, Campus School Principal Donald Ricciato and Financial Management Systems Manager Marguerite Zolad.

Also honored at the dinner will be B&G Custodian Eduardo Pacheco, who is this year's Community Service Award winner.

-Mark Sullivan

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