C.S.O.M. Research Fellows Display
High-Tech Projects

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Carroll School of Management Undergraduate Research Fellows displayed seven high-tech interactive computer projects, using imagery ranging from classical art to cancerous tumors, at a student research exhibition held in Fulton Hall on April 28.

The students in the Computer Vision Group class taught by Asst. Prof. Margrit Betke (CSOM) showcased the computer demonstrations and posters as the highlight of their semester-long research and development effort.

"It was a chance for the students to put some information together and develop a number of computer programs that could apply to it," Betke said. "It gave them the opportunity to experience actual computer programming done in a research environment.

"It will make them a lot more comfortable if they decide to go on to graduate school in this field," she added.

Betke said that the students did the majority of their work in CSOM's Research Laboratory for Computer Science, which was established last summer through a $150,000 National Science Foundation grant and an additional $65,000 in research development funds provided by the University.

A project developed by John Magee IV '01, and Jonah Petri '02, enabled a camera to track an object's movement and display it on the computer screen.

"This has been a great opportunity," said Magee, a computer science major. "It's been a chance to do something totally new. I'd like to follow it up in graduate school."

Dewin Chandra '00, exhibited an art image database retrieval system, while Cleo Bertrand '00, displayed a project utilizing the visualization of lung parenchyma. Also taking part in the computer project exhibition were seniors Jason Ruel, Jun Kawai and Francis Nostrame and sophomore William Mullally.

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