New I.T. Structure Aimed at Improving Service

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

The Office of Information Technology has announced a major reorganization that administrators say reflects a greater emphasis on Web development and customer service.

New groups focusing on Internet services and strategic planning have been created under the reorganization, with staff formally assigned to managing the increasing demand for IT services on campus.

No jobs have been lost in the reorganization, which comes at a time the Office of Information Technology is looking to expand its workforce to 125. New job descriptions were prepared for every open position in the organization.

Information Technology Vice President Kathleen Warner said the new organization is intended to advance the University goals by providing "best of breed" technology while improving IT communications with staff and student consumers.

"The purpose of this reorganization is to better meet customer needs," Warner said. "Our greater mission is to help Boston College advance its legacy by applying leading-edge technology. We want to showcase the Information Technology organization."

Three new departmental groups have been created under the reorganization.

The new Strategic Planning and Business Operations Group, led by Director Paul Dupuis, will devise strategic plans for meeting present and future demands for service.

"They'll look three years ahead to see which direction technology is going in, and align the organization's work so we're consistent with industry trends," said Warner. "They will also try to better meet the demand of our customers, from students to faculty, from staff to parents."

The new Internet Business Services Group, led by Director Denis Walsh, seeks to expand Web-based services for students, administration, and faculty.

"We want to create self-sufficient students, faculty members and administrators who can do more things for themselves online," said Warner. "For example, students can purchase equipment and supplies over the Internet, correspond with professors, share knowledge and information with each other via the Web, and also access grade and course information. We want to expand on those capabilities."

The new Communications Services Group, for which an executive director has yet to be hired, will focus on improving and expanding all communication efforts around IT programs, policies and projects. This group is also responsible for setting policies and standards for Web development and IT training programs.

Other groups in the reorganized department include IT Architecture Services, led by Associate Vice President Bernard Gleason; Network Services, led by Associate Director Henry Perry; Enterprise Computing Services, led by Director Jack Spang; Academic and Research Services, which will be led by a director to be hired, and IT Human Resources, led by Associate Director Mary Corcoran.

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