Daly's Absence Prompts Cancellations

Faced with the University's requirement that she comply with federal law and open her courses to male students, Assoc. Prof. Mary Daly (Theology) has forced the Theology Department to cancel her courses for the semester due to her unexplained absence. The issue arose last semester when two male students attempted to register in one of Daly's courses, Introduction to Feminist Ethics. Daly has maintained that the presence of males inhibits class discussion and rejected the students' request.

Title IX of federal law states, "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in ... an education program."

"Professor Daly's refusal to admit men into her courses violates both federal law and her contractual obligation to Boston College," said Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties David R. Burgess. "Boston College's policy is that all of the University's educational resources are available to all students, regardless of gender."

Her absence from the University led to the cancellation of her courses, which also include Feminist Ethics II and Myths and Patterns of Patriarchy, Burgess said.

-Michael Seele

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