God Is

Fr. Casey takes on doubters in new book

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

As modern man makes ever more remarkable advances in science and technology, can the thinking person still acknowledge the existence of God?

Most certainly, argues a new book by part-time faculty member Joseph Casey, SJ (Philosophy).

"This slim volume contains proof of God's existence," the 30-year veteran of the Philosophy faculty said of his paperback, God Is: From Question to Proof to Embracing the Truth , recently released by University Press of America.

Fr. Casey said he aims to "challenge intelligent people to raise and confront the question of God's existence" at a time when "the American mind has been shut securely against the thought of a personal God.

"Years of teaching courses on God's existence alerted me to the problems involved," he said. "There is a dimension of mainstream consciousness that blocks out the very idea of God. It is not so much an antipathy toward or a denial of God, but an absence of any sense of God or need of God."

Fr. Casey, who is marking his 50th year in the priesthood, said his book confronts and rejects the belief that the material world is all there is, offering a rigorous philosophical argument for God's existence that he said "clears obstacles" to acknowledging God's hand in the universe.

Part-time faculty member Joseph Casey, SJ (Philosophy)

"To paraphrase a popular song, 'With a Clear View, You Really Can See Forever,'" Fr. Casey said. "When the view is clear, the insight that there is a God is simple. What requires attention today is opening up the view."

Fr. Casey goes on to encourage readers "to make a relationship with the discovered God part of their lives.

"The reader will come to know he or she has, all along, been meeting God in prayer, in conscience, in beauty, truth, wonder, and in love," he said.

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