Boston College Chronicle

March 18, 1999 Vol. 7, No. 13

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Jesuit Institute Convenes Panel on Ex Corde

Institute Marks 10 years of Probing Faith, Culture Links

Selling Social Work
In a new book, GSSW's Veeder says today's social workers need to market themselves

LAETARE SUNDAY-Alumni Association Advisor Francis Mackin, SJ, talks with Ireland's Minister for Public Enterprise Mary O'Rourke at the Alumni Association's 49th annual Laetare Sunday Communion Breakfast. O'Rourke was the speaker at the event, the Alumni Association's longest-standing tradition.


Bell Atlantic C.E.O. Makes Plea for Rules Relief
Grasso to be Honored at Tribute Dinner
Middle Campus Case in Judge's Hands
Peter Lynch to Offer Investment Advice
Alumni Association to Host Gathering of Diocesan Priests
Writing Instruction Aided by High-Tech Classroom
Report finds Employee-Community Links
C.C.C.R. Cites Seven Companies as Model Corporate Citizens
Snapper Also Promoted
St. John's Honors Fr. Hollenbach


Photo: To Your Health

What Are We About?--Catholic universities are particularly challenged by the question, says Fr. Buckley in new book
Community Art--Romance Languages Dept. uses McMullen exhibit to create Web site aimed at educating local students
Juggling Careers--Econometrician Lewbel says the art of jesters isn't just for kids and clowns anymore


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