Science Departments to Have First Local Service Centers

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

The Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology and Geophysics departments will participate in a Local Service Center pilot program next spring, the latest step in the on-going Project Delta effort to streamline and improve administrative and support services for all University offices.

The LSC pilot program will consolidate and centralize the delivery of key administrative functions in the four physical science departments plus the Weston Observatory. These will include fiscal management, building operations, procurement and personnel processing.

LSC Director Brenda Ricard said that the planned centers will provide a wide range of fiscal and administrative services to specific schools, departmental clusters or administrative areas, in the same way that the technology consultants hired this past academic year are providing computer and technology assistance to groups of University departments and offices.

"The TCs represent a great beginning," Ricard said. "Planning and implementing a fully staffed Local Service Center will give us an opportunity to test the concept in its entirety."

Ricard said that the four departments were selected for the pilot implementation because "they present some of the most complex administrative issues - such as safety requirements, research grant management and purchasing needs - that we see in the entire University.

"There is the potential for significant service improvement by grouping these departments together administratively," she said.

"A well-run LSC for the sciences will be a model for the rest of the campus," Ricard said. "Each LSC will look different, depending on the unit being served, but the fundamental service premise will be the same across the University."

Ricard anticipates that most of the new LSC administrators, much like their TC counterparts, will be hired from the ranks of current University employees.

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