G.S.S.W. Faculty Rated Among the Most Productive in American Social Work

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The Graduate School of Social Work is ranked 10th nationally in publication productivity for social work faculty, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Social Work Education.

The decade-long study of 45 social work faculties also found that GSSW more than doubled its publication productivity during the 1990s.

"Our GSSW community is exceedingly proud of this ranking, which was compiled by peers and reflects publications in only the field's top journals," said GSSW Dean June Gary Hopps. "Our faculty have worked tremendously hard to make this happen. This is another indicator of the expertise GSSW has to offer, and points to the respect the school commands nationally."

Titled the Doctoral Faculty Decade Publication Project, the study is an ongoing effort to identify, track and describe publications by social work doctoral faculties in peer-reviewed professional journals during the 1990s. The current Journal of Social Work Education article focuses on results from 1994-97.

The study found that GSSW faculty published 47 articles during the period, compared with 22 articles during 1990-93, a figure which placed the school 26th in the country at that time. GSSW's rise to 10th place represents one of the largest increases in publication productivity among schools participating in the project.

Columbia University maintained its top ranking in the study, followed by the universities of Michigan, Washington, California-Berkeley and State University of New York at Albany. Others in the top 15 include the University of Pennsylvania (6), University of Wisconsin-Madison (9), Case Western Reserve University (11), Ohio State University (12) and University of Georgia (15).

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