Direct Deposit of Pay To Be Mandatory In Fall

Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella announced last month that all Boston College employees will be paid via direct deposit starting this fall. The initiative is a result of Project Delta efforts to eliminate all paper paychecks as the University implements its new "PeopleSoft" human resource-payroll system on Oct. 1, according to Campanella.

The direct deposit system electronically places the employee's earnings in a checking or savings account at the bank of the employee's choice. The deposit is placed in the account before the start of the business day on the worker's normal payday.

More than 90 percent of all full-time University employees already take advantage of the system, Campanella noted. All new employees hired by the University this summer have been required to use direct deposit for their pay method.

Representatives from various banks and credit unions will be on campus in September to assist those employees not currently enrolled in the plan in converting to the new payroll method.

Questions concerning direct deposit should be directed to the Payroll Office in More Hall, ext.2-3380.

-Reid Oslin

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